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Scott and his team at Travelbea and Associates have set the gold standard in the Greater Victoria mortgage business! Not only do they offer responsive, professional and friendly service, but they also have a way of translating complex concepts into simple terms that help clients make sound financial decisions.

As long-term clients, we always trust that we’re getting the best advice for our circumstances, and we know that it’s backed by a firm grasp of the current financial and housing markets and the latest mortgage rules and best practices. Scott and his team know what’s going on in the industry and use their knowledge and observations to guide clients toward their financial goals. They genuinely have their client’s best interest at heart.

Travelbea and Associates has been our go-to mortgage brokerage since 2006. We can’t imagine going anywhere else for our next transaction!

Heather & Dave


It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Travelbea and Associates team for each of my mortgage transactions over the past few years.  Their knowledge, expertise and professionalism exemplify the term ‘service excellence’.  Each interaction is effortless and efficient.  Knowing the team is conscientious, proficient and has your interests as a priority is very reassuring as a business client. Their approach and execution not only surpass, but exceed the standards of customer satisfaction

Tracy Jo


We could not have asked for a more professional and efficient mortgage broker. As this was our first home purchase, we appreciated the patience and attention both Scott and his team took in answering our many questions and concerns. The purchase of our new home went quickly and without issue.

We both have a lot of respect for Scott and will certainly utilize his services again. Neither my husband nor I would hesitate referring Scott Travelbea to anyone who may be interested in mortgage services. Scott made the transition to our new home, easy.

Kurt & Kirsten


I highly recommend first time home buyers use the exceptional services of Travelbea and Associates. The team provided exceptional customer service. Travelbea and Associates walked me through the complexities of taxes, law, hidden costs and provided connections and networks for other services that proved invaluable. The ordeal of buying my first major investment was made seamless and easy thanks to the team. They also got me the best interest rate saving me thousands- better than my own bank that I am loyal to! I will certainly be using the expertise of Scott and his associates when it comes time to upgrade. In the meantime, I am happy in my first home!



We wanted to know our options up front, but our previous broker’s approach to helping us plan was ‘we’ll talk about it once you sell’. We were frustrated and felt unable to make good choices. A friend recommended Travelbea and Associates and from the start Scott and Alicia exceeded our expectations. They walked us through our choices at every junction and were friendly and professional even when asked the silliest of questions.  With their professional knowledge and resources behind us we were able to keep our existing property (with a much lower mortgage rate!) and buy our dream house. We’re thrilled to be “land barons” and are more than happy to recommend them to anyone we know.

Kadriye & Jasmin


Whether it’s a recommendation for a restaurant, a vacation spot or a mortgage specialist, it always comes back to overall positive customer experience. Scott, Alicia, and the team at DLC Travelbea and Associates deserve a huge thank you for their experience and service that they offer.

Their service differentiates from the competition due to the understandable, consistent, and sincere mortgage transactions that they have brokered for our young and growing family. They strive to make each experience exceptional.

When someone takes the time to inform and educate their clients, like the DLC Travelbea team, it speaks volumes. It gives a sense of comfort during what can be a time of uncertainty and tension by providing a shared experience between you and your mortgage specialist. This care and service is what makes us feel valued as clients.

As a result of their intelligent and skillful efforts, our ability to manage our assets has become more sophisticated to suit our needs. Not only have our financial goals been met but our financial opportunities have also increased.

Scott Travelbea, Alicia Ooi and the team at DLC Travelbea have done their research and have provided us with a level of business satisfaction second to none. We are invested in continuing our business relationship into the indefinite future.

With our sincerest gratitude,

Stewart & Maria


I would like to share some feedback regarding my dealings with Travelbea & Associates.  My experiences with you and your team have been great to say the least! Felicia, Alicia, Meriah and yourself are always so helpful and easy to deal with. I like your ability to secure the best rates available and guide me appropriately. I appreciate your great service and short turnaround time, which make my life, as a homeowner, so much easier. I have and will definitely continue to recommend you and your team to all my friends and acquaintances.

Best regards and thank you very much,



Recently, my husband and I were referred to Travelbea & Associates to help us plan our real estate goals. We appreciated how Scott took the time to understand our situation, building long-term financial advice around our specific requirements. His expertise ensured a tailored approach instead of a one-size-fits-all methodology. Our plan included options that he helped us evaluate and select a best fit.

A short time later, we were able to purchase a house – a goal the Travelbea & Associates team helped us realize. Their assistance and support throughout the entire process was outstanding – definitely a huge stress alleviator! They took care of everything from arranging financing to connecting us with other professionals.

The part we’ve come to value the most about our relationship with this team is their ongoing open dialogue. Alicia is definitely our ‘go to’ person for all things mortgage-related. She’s forever providing prompt, accurate responses to our questions, never making us feel our concerns are trivial or naïve.

This friendly, sincere and welcoming team has earned our trust and we don’t know where we’d be without them!

Sarah & Chris


Travelbea and Associates have and are a pleasure to work with. They are very knowledgeable with the market and diligent in the information that they require from you in order to get the best product that is available. They are polite and prompt to response to any questions that one may have.

Thank you to your wonderful team for all your work and we look forward to many dealings with you in the future.

Haydee and Owen


Scott Travelbea’s office has always provided exemplary service and made us feel confident and secure that they had our best interests and well being as their top priority. The staff are available at the drop of a hat for any questions and alleviate any concerns with prompt responses via email, phone or in person without making you wait. I highly recommend them to anyone, whether seasoned home buyers or young people just starting out in the very confusing real estate market. They make everything seamless and easy and I simply could not be happier with the outcome of the last two mortgage negotiations they handled for me. I would never get another mortgage again without Scott and his team handling things for me.

Amy & Jeff


Travelbea and Associates helped us purchase our new home. During trying economic times and struggles with banks, Scott and his team have been a pure pleasure to work with. Sharing his personal experiences to help make sense of the process and always keeping us informed, Scott and his team have truly made us feel in good hands. Travelbea and Associates is backed by an incredibly knowledgeable team who are so great at keeping us in the loop and always providing clear explanations of what each step entails. Since our purchase Scott and the team have helped my brother and his family with their home, as well as helped renew our mortgage and negotiate a better rate. We feel so welcome and appreciated, whether a quick question over the phone or signing on the dotted line Scott and the team always have time for you and we would highly recommend Travelbea and Associates to anyone!

Jenal & Ryan


We’re very happy that we decided to go with Travelbea and Associates for our mortgage application. Scott was very knowledgeable, easy to approach, and he made the whole process very easy.  After two meetings we were approved for a mortgage with a great rate! Thanks!

Kyle & Christine


Last year my mother and I were looking to re-new her mortgage. Close friends of mine recommended Travelbea & Associates. From the moment we called to make an appointment to the moment we actually walked into their building, the true feeling of professionalism could be felt. The receptionist was very polite and helpful. The support staff was very diligent and thorough when gathering the needed information and getting the ball rolling. Lastly, when sitting down with Scott I couldn’t have asked for more. He was very honest with what we were able to get, as well provided great suggestions of what would fit our budget. Overall, the experience was great and dealing with Travelbea & Associates took a lot of the stress out of the whole process.




Through my background in the finance industry, I’ve had my fair share of dealings with various firms. The one that has stood out the most to me is Travelbea & Associates. With their strong knowledge in the field of lending, prompt service, and attention to detail they have provided me with alternative solutions other competitors couldn’t. I’m so pleased with their TEAM approach on every aspect of their dealings and would highly recommend their services, especially for first time homebuyers. Thank you for providing me with such wonderful service! I’m looking forward to our future dealings!



I wanted to offer a big THANK YOU to you for the excellent mortgage and service you provided to me. I’m thrilled with all of the characteristics and the flexibility included. I am very pleased and comfortable with what we’ve arranged. Again, thank you so much!