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A home is the most significant purchase most people will make in their lifetime. At Travelbea & Associates, our focus is on finding you a range of financing options that will suit your unique situation.

With the variety of innovative products and programs available today from financial institutions, it’s an advantage to have somebody shopping around on your behalf to match you up with the best solution.

At Travelbea & Associates, we have the privilege of working with different lenders who offer some of the most competitive rates and terms. By working with us for your home purchase or mortgage renewal, we can save you substantial amounts of money over the lifetime of your loan.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Pre-approval is Step One in the home buying process. It's smart to get pre-approved before you start shopping so you have a clear impression of what you can spend.

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Fixed Rate vs. Variable Rate

The choice between fixed or variable rate mortgages will depend on your tolerance for risk as well as your ability to manage possible increases in mortgage payments.

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Choosing the Right Term

Choosing the right mortgage term is a unique decision for everyone.

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Self-Employed Solutions

Sometimes people who are self-employed face roadblocks when they're in the market for personal financing, because it can be difficult for business owners to prove income and income stability for the long term.

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Mortgages in Canada are generally amortized at a 25 year term. However, you can pay your mortgage off faster if you choose to.

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Understanding Your Credit Report

Your credit report is a listing of all of your mortgage and consumer debt. In Canada, the two main reporting agencies are TransUnion and Equifax.

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